Top Reasons Why People Dress Their Pets and Want Them to be Fashionable

Dog fashion is becoming more and more popular. It has gone beyond Paris Hilton and her tiny dressed-up pooch. People are dressing their Great Danes and having accessories and clothes tailor-made to make their dogs comfortable and fashionable. Many people feel that dressing up a pet is cruel. To give them the other side of the coin, we share the top reasons why people are dressing their dogs.

Bring out the personality – Dressing your dog in clothes and accessories can bring out his or her personality. From sassy to playful to tough – you can find clothes to make all this come through.

Protect against the weather – Clothes can protect your dog against the cold and even the heat. Many dogs don’t have thick coats or double coats and they can get very cold in winter. A stylish jersey or coat can make all the difference in comfort and give them something to show off.

Draw attention – Most pets, cats and dogs, like being the center of attention. Attention and love are what they crave and what makes them happy. Dressing them in funky or stylish outfits will ensure that they get all the attention they want.

Break the routine – Most days of a pet’s life are pretty much the same. To add some variety, people dress up their pets. It gives them something different and new to do and explore.

Quality time – Any time spent with your pet, is time that they feel loved and appreciated. Dressing them up can be one of your bonding experiences. Your dog will soon let you know whether he or she likes it or not.

Sports teams – If you are an avid sports fan and have all the colors of your team, add your dog as a member of your fan club. You can buy sports jerseys or have them tailor-made for your pets.

Dogs are part of your family and love to do what you do. Most people dress up their dogs to make them feel more confident, pretty and loved. It also adds some fun and variety to their lives.a