When it comes to premium leather accessories for your furry family members, sizing is very important. You want products that fit them perfectly, will not pinch, and will not irritate their skin. To ensure that your dog gets the best accessories specifically tailored to his or her size, we suggest you set up a visit at on our partner facilities or at your home. You can measure them yourself if you are far away, but then we cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

How does sizing work?

When you bring in your dog, we first need to know what types of accessories you want. Then we measure the neck and chest and get all the measurements we need to make your specific accessories. We also test out sample collars and harnesses to get a better idea of how the leather will fit your dog. Fur can sometimes interfere with the measurements or the fit.

Can I do sizing myself?

You can do sizing yourself at home with our guidance. It is not difficult, but because we don’t do the measuring ourselves, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. If you are ordering online and want the accessories to be shipped to you, we will give you easy to follow instructions on how to measure your dog.

General Sizes

General sizes will give you an idea of where your dog falls. We still strongly recommend that you bring your dog in to be measured professionally, but having an idea of the general size can help us.


Size 0 = 23 to 30 inches Size 1 = 26 to 33.5 inches Size 2 = 28 to 37.5 inches
Size 3 = 32.5 to 46.5 inches Size 4 = 38 to 54.5 inches


Small = 9 to 11 inches Medium = 12 to 16 inches Large = 15 to 22 inches
Extra Large = 21 to 34 inches