Giving Back

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Giving Back to the Community

Dogs 22 believes that all dogs deserve to be safe, happy and loved. There are so many homeless cats and dogs walking our streets and it breaks our hearts. We feel it is our responsibility to help these homeless animals and the people that work hard to keep them safe and get them fed and to forever families. There are many shelters and organizations in and around Aurora and we try to support as many of them as we can.

10% of all our proceeds are donated to charities and shelters in the Denver and Aurora areas. This is the first way in which we try to give back to our community.

Our proceeds are shared among several organizations throughout the year. We donate to the following causes and organizations:

Colorado Puppy Rescue – Non-profit animal shelter in Aurora.
Dumb Friends League – An organization in Denver that rescues animals and offer shelter.
DMK Rehoming – Non-profit animal shelter in Aurora.
Denver Animal Shelter – Animal shelter in Denver.
PawsCo – Non-profit animal shelter in Denver.
Maxfund – Non-profit, no-kill shelter in Denver.


All of the shelters and organizations mentioned above need volunteers. Some of these shelters cannot run without volunteers. The second way in which we aim to give back is by volunteering at these shelters. My husband and I, our children and their friends volunteer at these shelters as often as we can. We also encourage our customers and other community members to get involved by volunteering and adopting to give a deserving pet his or her forever home.