Welcome to Dogs 22: Premium Leather Dog Accessories!

We are the best and canine leather accessory suppliers in Aurora and the neighboring Colorado areas. We tailor-make leather accessories for any breed and size dog. We work off of custom measurements to ensure that we get the most accurate fit to make the perfect accessory for your beloved fur family.

Dogs 22 has been operational for 6 years and we have been blessed with great clientele and great success. My husband and I started this business to see if there would be a market for premium leather accessories for dogs. Boy, were we surprised. We knew that Aurora was a very dog-friendly city but that doesn't mean that residents were looking for the same premium accessories that we were. But, more and more dog owners want their pets to be comfortable and fashionable. This is great for the dogs because it boosts their confidence, protects them from the cold, and makes them feel good. Thank you, Aurora, for the support and thank you to our partners that allow us to sell our products!

Our accessories include the following:


We measure the neck to make sure we make the perfect collar to your specific design request. Even thick necked dogs like bulldogs, French bulldogs and Mastiffs can find a collar that fits!


We measure the neck, chest, and around the leg joints to make the perfect harness for your dog. Regardless of size or proportions, we will create the most comfortable, fashionable and functional harness your dog has ever worn!


We have a variety of ready-made leashes in different lengths, colors, and materials. We can tailor-make these to your specific requirements. Because they don't require a custom fit, we also sell our leashes at a variety of local Aurora pet stores and veterinary clinics. 

Leather Coats

We measure your dog to make a fitted coat or you can order one that is your dog’s size. They come in black and brown. Keep your pet warm and toasting this winter!

Leather Jackets

The jackets have front-leg sleeves. We tailor-make these because they need be exactly fitted. Let your dog enjoy our beautiful Aurora dog parks even in the winter!

If you are interested in getting your dog some premium leather accessories please contact us at support@dogs22.com to place your order or get more information. We offer limited online sales however, you can find our products at the following vendors: 

Aurora Pet Grooming

15113 E Hampden Ave
Aurora CO 80014


Parkside Animal Health Center 

5001 S Parker Rd #101
Aurora, CO 80015


Camp Bow Wow

1620 S Abilene St Unit A
Aurora, CO 80012